Personalized Legal Guidance
With A Forward-Thinking Approach

Laying The Foundation For Long-Term Success

For most individuals and businesses, real estate represents a large financial investment. You want to make sure you have a strong foundation for your investment by having a skilled lawyer review or draft your documents and oversee the process.

Whether you are a landlord, developer, lender or out-of-state investor of real estate, our attorney at Evergreen Law Group, LLC, has the in-depth knowledge and extensive experience needed to help you with all aspects of your real estate transaction, whether residential or commercial. We tailor our services to every individual client’s needs.

Looking Out For Your Best Interests

We want to make sure every part of your project accurately reflects your goals, from start to finish. We will look out for your interests at every stage, including the leasing, development, financing, acquisition or sale of commercial, residential, or agricultural real property. We will look out for your interests at all stages. Our real property practice includes:

  • Commercial, Residential and Agricultural leasing – We will help you negotiate and prepare robust commercial, industrial and agricultural lease agreements.
  • Zoning and Land Use Requirements – We want to ensure your plans meet with local zoning and land use regulations, whether retail, agricultural or some other intended use.
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements – We will negotiate, draft and conduct due diligence for your contracts, including purchase and sale agreements, ensuring the details are accurate so you’re protected, and the documents meet your specific goals and needs.
  • Real estate development and investment structuring – We assist with all aspects of real estate development and investments, including financing and investment structuring.
  • Neighbor disputes

In real estate, details are critical and mistakes can be costly and difficult to correct. Our goal is to minimize any difficulties for you now and in the future.

Here To Help

When you hire Evergreen Law Group, LLC, we do everything we can to make your real estate project go smoothly. Find out how we can help by scheduling an appointment in our Ashland office. You can reach out online or call us at 541-727-5001.